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How the 40-Hour Week Conquered Global Work - Cheddar Explains


Eight hours per day, five days per week. This is the working schedule around which labor activists rallied in the 19th and 20th centuries.

The Hidden Costs Of Amazon Shipping And Returns -CNBC


Buying and returning on Amazon may seem extremely easy, but that simplicity comes at a cost.

Should Workers Return To Major U.S. Cities? -CNBC


A cost-of-living crisis is unfolding in U.S. major cities. Inflation data shows that costs for items such as rent and groceries are increasing quickly across the Sun Belt and coastal superstar cities.

Live Casino Dealers Take Online Gambling Up a Notch | WSJ


A new type of online gambling called live dealing is taking off in the U.S. as some states relax gambling laws.

How Elon Musk's Twitter Takeover Plans Shook Wall Street And Social Media -CNBC


Elon Musk is known for using Twitter to hype everything from colonizing Mars to Tesla’s autopilot features. Now, he’s attempting to buy the underperforming social media network for $44 billion.

Why Americans Are So Stressed About Money -CNBC


In a survey by the American Psychological Association, 87% of Americans said inflation and the rising costs of everyday expenses were causing them stress.

The Largest Airplanes In The World -Tech Vision


The beauty of flying never ceases to amaze, and, from the ground, the sight is even more incredible when the planes are almost the same size as football fields or heavier than the world's largest tank

How Amazon, American Airlines And Subaru Burn Waste To Make Energy -CNBC


Burning waste to make energy is a $10 billion industry in the USA, and the fastest growing part of the business is waste from big companies like Amazon, Subaru, Quest Diagnostics and American Airlines

How Do Airports Keep Birds From Striking Planes? A Wildlife Expert Explains | WSJ


Bird strikes are one of the biggest wildlife hazards to aircrafts at JFK Airport. A chief wildlife biologist explains how airports minimize these collisions.

Why It’s So Expensive To Live In The U.S. -CNBC


Prices for the American dream home have skyrocketed. The U.S. housing market has been an unlikely beneficiary from Covid-19.

How College Athletes Make Money From Name, Image And Likeness Deals -CNBC


The NCAA enacted an interim name, image and likeness policy almost a year ago, which allows athletes many of whom have big social media followings to make deals with local car dealerships.

What Samsung’s Return to U.S. Chip Manufacturing Means For the Economy | WSJ


Semiconductor manufacturers Samsung, Intel and Texas Instruments recently announced plans for new chip factories in the U.S.

Netflix Hit a Subscriber Peak. Here Are 3 Strategies They Might Try to Keep Growing | WSJ


Netflix’s subscriber count fell for the first time in nearly a decade, causing its stock to post its worst one-day percentage decline since 2004.

How the Russia War Is Affecting U.S. Gas Producers | WSJ


As Europe races to wean itself off Russian energy, American natural-gas producers are struggling to meet the demand and prices are rising.

Why Diesel Is Driving Up The Cost Of Everything -CNBC


Diesel prices reached all-time highs in March of 2022. Gasoline prices may hit consumers directly, but diesel prices are driving up the costs of all kinds of goods.

Beijing’s Covid Surge Sparks Lockdown Fears and Panic-Buying | WSJ


Beijing is racing to test more than 20 million people as residents scramble to stock up on food.

Crypto: a beginner’s guide | The Economist


Cryptocurrencies, decentralised finance and blockchain technology—what do these terms really mean? The Economist’s finance correspondents guide us through the key concepts of crypto.

Why American License Plates Are Such A Mess - Cheddar Explains


As of 2020, there were some 270 million registered vehicles in the United States, each one adorned with a mandatory license plate or two.

Shanghai Residents Face Food Shortages Amid Strict Covid Lockdowns | WSJ


As Shanghai remains locked down amid China’s biggest Covid-19 outbreak, residents are taking to social media to vent about a shortage of food or they're bartering with neighbors.

Why Investors Are Piling into African Startups -Bloomberg Quicktake


Africa’s tech startups raised a record $5 billion in 2021 as investors piled into firms trying to fix the continent's thorniest problems. But money isn't flowing evenly.