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How The War On Shadows Shapes Our Cities - Cheddar Explains


The war on skyscraper shadows has been passionately waged for years. Between light and shade, their significance is intensely debated. But in the shades of gray, what else are we losing in our cities?

How Lululemon Dominates High End Active Wear -CNBC


What began as a small Canadian yoga wear company for women, is today a multibillion-dollar activewear brand with 600 stores in the U.S. and Europe, and a diversified portfolio extending into menswear, an at-home fitness program, Mirror, and footwear.

How Starbucks Beat The Odds In Italy -CNBC


In 2018, Starbucks opened its first store in Italy, a 25,000-square-foot roastery in Milan. Despite being inspired by Italian coffeehouse culture, the American chain faced resistance when entering the country.

How Snap’s Stock, Once Up 700%, Plummeted in 2022 | What Went Wrong | WSJ


Snap shifted from overdrive to reverse this year as it prepares for its lowest period of sales growth since going public. WSJ’s Meghan Bobrowsky explains how Snap’s dependence on digital ads led to its restructuring efforts.

The Big, Secretive Business Of Amazon’s 100+ Private-Label Brands -CNBC


Amazon has 118+ private label brands, some that carry the Amazon name and others cleverly disguised without it. And it’s been accused of using its data prowess to make nearly identical versions of bestselling brand-name items.

Is buy now, pay later a sustainable business model? -Financial Times


Pandemic lockdowns accelerated the already growing popularity of buy now pay later transactions. But for the operators behind these transactions, margins are wafer thin. So how sustainable is the business model?

How Spirit Halloween Ressurects Abandoned Real Estate Every Fall | The Economics Of | WSJ


Each fall, there’s one store that suddenly seems to be just about everywhere: Spirit Halloween. The brand taps into the $10 billion Halloween industry by setting up shop in otherwise vacant real estate for three months each year.

Why Europe Faces An Air Conditioning Problem After Its Red-Hot Summer -CNBC


Europe is facing a tough winter, as inflation and energy prices continue to rise. The continent also faces tough decisions following its scorching hot summer.

How Derivatives Ravaged the U.K. Bond Market | WSJ


Turmoil in the U.K. bond market created a feedback loop that left investors like pension funds short on cash and rippled out into other markets. WSJ’s Chelsey Dulaney explains the type of investment at the heart of the crisis.

How Air Cargo Kept American Airlines And Others Afloat During The Pandemic -CNBC


When the pandemic hit in early 2020, air travel came to a near halt. By April, more than half of the world’s passenger jets were parked. Those 16,000 planes also carry roughly half of the world’s air cargo, over 52 million metric tons of goods every year.

Elasticity: The Economic Concept Behind How Companies Price Products | The Price Index | WSJ


The economic concept is key to understanding how companies price their products. Consumer spending has held up relatively well so far despite inflation, but experts say we’re approaching an inflection point.

How Netflix Lost Its Edge To Disney+ -CNBC


Over the past 25 years, Netflix revolutionized the film and television industry. The company amassed over 220 million subscribers across 190 countries.

How Amazon Dominates Smart Home And Why It Wants To Buy iRobot -CNBC


Amazon ships more U.S. smart home devices than any other company and says Alexa is now compatible with 140,000 devices, far beyond the Echo and Fire TV. But privacy advocates are concerned by all the data these devices collect.

Will This Recession See Massive Layoffs? -CNBC


From red-hot inflation to a strong jobs market, and all the negative gross domestic product in between, economists are divided on the health of the U.S. economy. A top concern for Americans: Are there layoffs on the horizon? Economists break down the data

The 90s Was Obsessed With Transparent Tech, Here's Why - Cheddar Explains


The “Clear Craze” was everywhere in the 1990s, and that included translucent technology like video game controllers, iMacs, all the way to Tamagotchis. But, how did this design come to dominate a decade?

The Growing Challenges Facing New York's Ports - Cheddar


New York’s Harbor is as large as it is complex. It’s home to one of the nation's most critical infrastructure systems: six container terminals moving millions of pounds of cargo in and out every day.

Why Americans Are Obsessed With Big Cars -CNBC


America is a big country, and Americans have always favored big vehicles to traverse it. America gave the world Cadillacs with massive tailfins and oversize pickup trucks.

Why The U.S. Has A Severe Pilot Shortage -CNBC


It's not just the lack of pilots that is impacting aviation. Mechanics, baggage handlers and air traffic controllers are also in short supply. So what led to the shortage of pilots in the USA?

Crypto Crashed, Coinbase’s Stock Followed | What Went Wrong | WSJ


Coinbase went public with a highly anticipated listing in 2021, but as the crypto market crashed, the company’s share price dropped by more than 80%. Now it’s working to diversify its revenue.

Why Cities Are Banning Cars Around The World -CNBC


Traffic is a growing problem in many U.S. cities. Instead of adding more streets to accommodate cars, a growing movement is pushing to ban them in dense areas like New York City.