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Why Delta Spent $1 Billion To Upgrade Wi-Fi On Its Planes -CNBC


Airplane Wi-Fi has been around for decades but its reliability and speeds can vary widely depending on the airline, the route and the type and age of the aircraft.

Why Core Inflation Is Rising in the U.K., But Falling in Other Economies | WSJ


Core inflation in the U.K. keeps rising while falling or flatlining in other major economies like the U.S. Even though the U.K.’s headline inflation is down, core inflation continues to climb as its consumer-price index rose to 7.1% in May.

How AI Took Center Stage In The Hollywood Writers' Strike -CNBC


After failing to reach a contract resolution with the studio association, more than 11,000 film and television writers remain on strike.

How A Lawsuit Inspired Apple’s Most Iconic Sounds -CNBC Make It


From the start-up sound to the camera click, here's how sound designer Jim Reekes created the Apple sounds you hear every day.

The Rise And Fall Of Goldman Sachs' Marcus -CNBC


Saying the name out loud conjures images of Ivy League-educated investment bankers in tailored suits managing money for the wealthiest of the wealthy. Or closing deals in high-rise corporate offices. Advising the wealthiest of the wealthy.

Where’s Worse For Your Wallet: New York or London? -CNBC


New York ranked one of the most expensive cities in the world in 2022 whereas London ranked 28th, according to Worldwide Cost of Living 2022 from Economist Intelligence.

What Boeing vs. Airbus Plane Orders Reveal About Aviation's Future | WSJ


Boeing and Airbus are locked in a battle to secure airlines’ orders for their planes as Paris Air Show 2023 draws to a close. Massive orders from Air India, Riyadh Air and IndiGo have already been placed with these plane manufacturers.

Can Burger King Make A Comeback? -CNBC


In September 2022, Burger King owner Restaurant Brands International announced the chain’s $400 million Reclaim the Flame plan. Now the No. 3 burger chain behind McDonald’s and Wendy’s.

How Charles Schwab Quietly Became The Biggest, Public U.S. Brokerage -CNBC


Charles Schwab is the largest public brokerage in the U.S., a leading provider for financial advisors, a top ETF asset manager and one of the biggest banks.

How To Convert A Gas-Powered Car To An Electric Vehicle -CNBC


Interest in electric vehicles is at an all time high, with sales of new EVs up 55 percent in 2022 compared to the year prior. But there are still a lot of gas cars on the road today and there will be for a long time.

How AI Will Change The Job Market: Mark Zandi -CNBC


The biggest factors contributing to companies' bottom lines right now are high interest rates and artificial intelligence says Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody's Analytics. Artificial intelligence presents both challenges and opportunities for workers

The Business Strategies Behind Costco, Starbucks, Chick-fil-A and More | WSJ The Economics Of


What are some of the strategies of the most successful businesses around the world? From Chick-fil-A and Starbucks, to Ikea and Target, WSJ talked to CEOs and business leaders about their unique approach leading these major brands.

T.J. Maxx’s Recession-Proof Pricing Strategy, Explained | WSJ The Economics Of


T.J. Maxx and Marshall’s parent company TJX made almost $50 billion last year – more than Nordstrom and Macy’s combined. A decades-old TJ Maxx commercial promises customers “the max for the minimum price” and says the store is “never the same place twice.

Can Nvidia And The AI Boom Save The U.S. Stock Market And Economy? -CNBC


Nvidia's rapid rise to a $1 trillion company was a watershed moment for the U.S. stock market. Not only did the U.S. chipmaker report blowout earnings, it also told investors to expect even more and more of those profits to keep rolling in.

Why AI Is Nvidia's Key to Its $1 Trillion Valuation | WSJ


hanks to AI, chip maker Nvidia briefly broke into the exclusive club of companies like Apple and Microsoft that have a $1 trillion market cap. Nvidia’s chips power generative AI like OpenAI’s ChatGPT by being able to do lots of complex computations.

Why Converting Passenger Planes To Cargo Jets Costs Millions -CNBC


With the demand for converting retired passenger planes into cargo haulers surging, this lucrative trend allows these older jets to serve a new mission, transporting goods ranging from produce to pharmaceuticals worldwide.

The Logistics Behind a $12.5 Million Aquarium Exhibit | WSJ


The National Aquarium in Baltimore says it spends $45 million in annual operating costs on important upkeep like dive cleaning, filtration systems and feed for all kinds of fish.

Why Wealthy Americans Love UBS, The Secretive Swiss Banking Giant -CNBC


UBS Group AG, with over $5 trillion in invested assets, is Switzerland's largest bank. The company has a sprawling international footprint, with over half of its wealth management assets coming from clients in the United States.

Apple vs. Samsung’s Strategies to Move Manufacturing Away From China | WSJ


China has long been the manufacturing hub for tech giants like Apple and Samsung. But now, a range of geopolitical factors are pushing technology companies to spend billions to relocate their operations to places like India, Vietnam and Latin America.