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Has The U.S. Fallen Out Of Love With Instant Coffee? -CNBC


Americans drank an estimated 517 million cups of coffee daily in 2022 spending almost $110 billion on the beverage that year. Cold brews, expresso-based beverages and perfectly roasted beans are among the top drinks for today’s coffee aficionados.

How Streamers Like Amazon, YouTube, Peacock Are Fighting Over The NFL -CNBC


With the highest-rated programming, the priciest ad time and rights deals worth billions, the National Football League is the most valuable content in media.

Why Americans Are Suddenly Losing Their Home Insurance -CNBC


Many homeowners in the U.S. are losing their home insurance policies. Major insurers like State Farm and Allstate are no longer offering new policies in California.

What Tesla’s Sliding Stock Says About Apple, Amazon and Other Big Tech Companies | WSJ


The “Magnificent Seven”—Apple, Amazon, Tesla, Microsoft, Meta, Nvidia, and Alphabet—are stocks known for their skyrocketing climb in 2023, leaving the rest of the S&P 500 in the dust. But now, Tesla’s in the red after falling 25% in the last four weeks.

Is AI the future of movie-making? -The Economist


What if text prompts enabled anyone to make a blockbuster movie, or even an entire box-set’s worth of TV? That is the promise of AI. This technology could one day prove as transformative to the movie business as sound, colour, or even the camera itself.

Why Getting A Job Feels Impossible Right Now -CNBC


The job market looks solid on paper. In 2023, unemployment hit a 54-year-low at 3.4% in January, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that U.S. employers added 2.7 million people to the payroll the same year.

Why Car Repairs Are Getting So Expensive? -CNBC


Auto repair costs have been rising for years, but recently they've spiked. Experts say it's likely a mix of factors including heavier, faster and more complex vehicles, riskier driving behavior, new technology, and labor and supply shortages.

Vision Pro Review: 24 Hours With Apple’s Mixed-Reality Headset | WSJ


Apple’s Vision Pro mixed-reality headset puts digital information in your real world. But how does it fit into your daily life with activities like working, watching Apple TV, cooking and FaceTiming?

How Apple’s iPhone Overtook Samsung As The Top Smartphone In The World -CNBC


Apple’s iPhone was first announced by Steve Jobs in January 2007. Today, research shows that the company has over 1.5 billion active users and controls 53 percent of the market share in the United States.

How to Use SharePlay and 9 Other iOS 17 Tricks | WSJ


Apple’s iOS 17 iPhone update came with a bunch of new features that could change how you use your iPhone, AirPods and more. From collaborative playlists in Apple Music to FaceTime TV, WSJ’s Dalvin Brown explores ten exciting features from recent update

Why is crypto like a cockroach? -The Economist


It’s really hard to kill cockroaches. Much like cryptocurrency—an industry which, despite some recent setbacks, seems able to bounce back when you least expect it

What Does the Alaska Airlines Door Plug Incident Mean for Boeing? | WSJ


Following a midair emergency where a door plug fell from a Boeing 737 Max 9, the FAA has grounded some of the fleet. United Airlines and Alaska Airlines are reporting “loose bolts” in some of their aircrafts.

Can Amazon And Hyundai Solve Online Car Sales? -CNBC


Amazon is piloting a program to allow car dealers to sell Hyundai vehicles through the tech giant's website. The plan is to ultimately offer Amazon customers the same experience they have when buying just about everything else sold on its website.

Venice Is Drowning: Engineering Expert Explains How To Save It | WSJ


Venice, Italy, is sinking. The city spent about $6 billion on MOSE – a mobile floodgate system that rises to separate the Venetian lagoon from the Adriatic Sea, blocking high tides from inundating the city. But that might not be enough.

Why IBM is building next generation storage solutions. Advertiser content from IBM -Vox


One inescapable aspect of modern life is that humans are constantly creating data. So as enterprise data booms, IBM Storage Flashsystem is empowering businesses by scaling them efficiently, by rethinking the way storage operates entirely.

How Private Credit Became One of the Hottest Investments on Wall Street -CNBC


Private credit has quickly become one of Wall Street's most popular investment classes in 2023. Alternative data platform Preqin projects this asset class will reach $2.7 trillion by 2027.

Why This Shipping Route Is One of the World’s Most Dangerous | WSJ


The Red Sea is one of the most important shipping waterways in the world, but the Israel-Hamas War has helped it also become one of the most dangerous.

10 Hidden Apple Tricks for iPhone, AirPods and More | WSJ


Apple’s iOS 17 iPhone update came with a bunch of new features that could change how you use your iPhone, AirPods and more.

Will The U.S. Remain The World's Leading Economy? -CNBC


Economists believe the USA could lose its ranking as the world's leading economy in the 21st century, as measured by gross domestic product. But the USA is set to extend its run through the 2020s, on the back of slower-than-expected growth trends in China

How China Became KFC’s Most Important Market -CNBC


KFC, with 29,000 stores and 800,000 employees globally, is one of the world’s most extensive fast-food chains, opening a new location every three and a half hours.