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Bikes, Bitcoin and Bonuses: How Smaller Cities Lure Remote Workers -Bloomberg Quicktake


Across America, smaller cities and less-populated states are offering cash and perks to lure remote workers away from big metropolitan areas. But are these incentives worth packing a moving van?

How Remote Workers Are Secretly Juggling Two Full-Time Jobs -Bloomberg Quicktake


With the pandemic’s turbocharged acceleration of remote work options, many employees have sought to capitalize on the lack of personal supervision by secretly working two (or more) full-time jobs.

The Risks And Rewards Of The Metaverse Real Estate Boom -CNBC


There’s a land rush happening — and it’s not in New York City or Beverly Hills. Professional real estate agents, and celebrities are buying up land that doesn’t even exist in the real life.

The Italy-Switzerland border is melting -Vox


How a ski lodge became trapped in a border dispute.

Why The U.S. Is Running Out Of Paint -CNBC


Demand for raw materials in the paint industry soared over the pandemic as quarantined consumers took to DIY projects and home improvement.

How American Is Your Car? -CNBC


Contrary to what the average consumer may believe, there are no cars that are completely American made.

How insulated glass changed architecture -Vox


Today, it’s easy to take big glass windows and doors for granted, whether they show up in commercial buildings or in our homes.

NFTs: are they worth the hype? | The Economist


n the past year a new trend in the crypto world has boomed: NFTs, or non-fungible tokens.

Safest Covid-19 Face Mask: We Found That Not All N95s On Amazon Are Equal | WSJ


When buying a respirator mask on Amazon, it’s tough to know you’re getting a good one. WSJ put eight N95 and KN95 masks to the test and found not all tested at the required 95% filtration efficiency

Is Suburban Sprawl Ruining the U.S. Economy? -CNBC


Experts say the problems of America’s housing market relate to past policy decisions. In particular, they say restrictive zoning codes are limiting housing supply.

Flight Cancellations: What Went Wrong in 2021 | WSJ


In the last week of 2021, more than 1,000 flights in the U.S. were canceled each day

The Best Covid-19 Home Test: PCR-Like Gadgets vs. Rapid Antigen Kits | WSJ


New high-tech Covid-19 tests promise better and earlier detection of the virus—similar to a PCR test.

This $50 Trillion Bet on Blockchain Could Change An Industry -Bloomberg Quicktake


Blockchain may one day eliminate inefficiencies and lack of transparency in supply chains. While slow in coming, this revolution would benefit not only customers and brands, but the “invisible" worker

Why Moderna Doesn't Own Its Covid Vaccine -CNBC


The multi-billion-dollar patent war over the mRNA coronavirus vaccine has grabbed the attention of the likes of many leaders.

3G Is Shutting Down. I Brought My iPhone 4 Back to Life to Say Goodbye. | WSJ


Starting in February, U.S. cellular carriers will begin to shut down 3G.

How The North Face Competes With Patagonia -CNBC


North Face has competed in the space outfitting mountain climbers and skiers. But the outdoor recreation brand is now hoping to become a significant player in the $185 billion streetwear market.

5G Service Launches Amid Flight-Safety Uncertainty | WSJ


Airlines canceled some flights before a new 5G wireless service rolled out, even after Verizon and AT&T agreed to limit the signal around U.S. airports.

Why Air Rage Cases Are Skyrocketing -CNBC


In 2021, airlines were on track to record more cases of air rage than in the past 30 years combined.

Why The U.S. Has A Massive Lithium Supply Problem -CNBC


Electric vehicle growth will be responsible for more than 90% of demand for lithium by 2030. But today, the U.S. is far behind, with only 1% of global lithium being mined and processed in the USA.

Rise And Fall Of America's Favorite Tech Gadgets -CNBC


Here's the rise and fall of some of the biggest brands from the 70s, 80s and 90s.