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How These Companies Are Taking Over Car Dealerships -CNBC


Car dealerships have been mom and pop businesses for much of their existence. But the industry has been slowly consolidating. Six publicly traded dealership groups have been on a have been on a shopping spree, buying up dealerships.

Bed Bath & Beyond Is in Crisis Mode. What Went Wrong? | WSJ


After years of declining sales, Bed Bath & Beyond is facing an existential crisis. WSJ explains why the company has fallen on hard times and looks forward to what’s next for the veteran retailer.

How Companies Design Products To Avoid Tariffs - Cheddar Explains


How a product is classified can mean either big savings or big costs for the company that sells it. In this episode we explain how companies engineer their products to avoid tariffs. -from Cheddar

How the Consumer-Price Index Measures Inflation | WSJ


As inflation climbs in the U.S., rising food and energy costs have pushed the nation’s most popular price index to its highest level in four decades.

Amazon’s Plan To Fix Its Multi-Billion Dollar Returns Problem -CNBC


While Amazon’s dominance grows, so does its number of returns, and that’s causing a massive problem for the e-commerce giant and the planet.

How Lowe's Is Competing With Home Depot -CNBC


The American home is undergoing a makeover during the Covid-19 pandemic, and home improvement giant Lowe’s is reaping the benefits from it.

How Stolen Goods End Up On Amazon, eBay And Facebook Marketplace -CNBC


Coordinated robberies have hit dozens of U.S. stores in recent months and lawmakers are warning it’s a rising trend of organized retail crime.

What's Behind America's Baby Formula Shortage? -CNBC


Parents across the USA are scrambling to find baby formula. Empty store shelves, higher prices and retailers limiting sales have made already anxious parents even more nervous about their kids' health

How Oatly Lost Its Grip on the Oat-Milk Market | WSJ


Oat-milk took the dairy aisle by storm after Swedish brand Oatly overhauled its marketing. But Oatly has struggled to keep up with production as demand grows leaving room for rivals.

How Walmart Is Betting Big On Stores To Catch Amazon In E-commerce -CNBC


Walmart employs more people than any other company in the world and is the country’s largest grocer. But when it comes to e-commerce, Amazon is the clear leader.

How The Digital Sneaker Boom Changed Foot Locker's Business -CNBC


Foot Locker is the largest footwear retailer in the world with 2,900 stores worldwide. Its roots date back to 1974 in a southern California mall.

Why CVS Receipts Are Intentionally, Ridiculously Long - Cheddar Explains


Ever walk into a CVS to pick up some gum, maybe some Chapstick, only to get hit with a ridiculously long receipt? It’s no secret that most CVS purchases come with these comically long receipts.

Dynamic Pricing, Explained: Why Prices Are Changing More Often | Price Index | WSJ


Airlines, gas stations and retailers use complex algorithms to adjust their prices in response to cost, demand and competition. WSJ explains what dynamic pricing is and why companies are using it.

Amazon vs. Walmart: How the Giants Look to Each Other to Best Each Other | WSJ


The line between Amazon and Walmart is becoming increasingly blurred, as the two companies seek to maintain their slice of the estimated $5 trillion retail market.

How Liquidating Unwanted Goods Became A $644 Billion Business -CNBC


A record number of online returns has created a booming $644 billion liquidation market.

Why Amazon Dominates Online Shopping -CNBC


Despite all the fake reviews on Amazon, there are professionals who earn a living reviewing products. Sean Cannell makes tens of thousands of dollars a month as a professional Amazon reviewer

Key Supply-Chain Link Faces Perfect Storm This Holiday Shopping Season | WSJ


Warehouses in California’s Inland Empire are a crucial step in the U.S. supply chain. Low warehouse vacancy rates in the area combined with port delays are creating a perfect storm.

The Explosive Rise Of Dollar Stores -CNBC


Supply chain issues, record job loss and high inflation means shoppers are looking for a good deal. That’s good news for discount dollar stores.

Retailers Grapple With a Spate of Smash-and-Grab Robberies | WSJ


A spike in smash-and-grab robberies is driving retailers to find new ways to boost security and protect merchandise this holiday shopping season.

How Amazon Beat Supply Chain Chaos With Ships, Containers And Planes -CNBC


As supply chain chaos causes shipping delays this holiday season, experts say Amazon’s logistics empire and predictive analytics will allow it to avoid the worst of it. -from CNBC