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The Shop Where High-End Classic Cars Go Electric -Blomberg Quicktake


At Austin, Texas-based Moment Motor Co., beloved vintage cars from Porsches to DeLoreans are converted into electric vehicles, making them cleaner and more reliable while retaining their classic feel

Why The U.S. Dollar May Be In Danger -CNBC


The U.S. dollar is the most powerful currency that exists today. Yet, analysts have been warning the dollar’s impending doom since its original rise to prominence in 1971.

Why everyone has this chair -Vox


This two-legged chair has been famous for almost 100 years.

Why China’s Electric Car Lead Has Been a Long Time Coming -Bloomberg Quicktake


When it comes to green manufacturing, China is now a clean-energy powerhouse.

Why people thought steel houses were a good idea -Vox


It was supposed to be the future of housing. What went wrong?

Why Free Shipping Isn't Free -CNBC


FedEx, UPS and Amazon make deliveries on behalf of retailers advertising “free” shipping. But, none of those packages are being shipped for free.

What Happened To Tesla’s First Car — The Roadster? -CNBC


The Roadster was Tesla’s first car. And with only 2,450 made and an estimated 1,500 left, it’s an endangered species.

China’s Moon Dust Paves the Way for Future Mining Missions | WSJ


Chinese scientists are studying rocks brought back from the moon for a glimpse into the vast resources that could be mined one day and used on Earth.

Why Russia’s War Drove Up U.S. Gas Prices -CNBC


Gasoline prices rose to record highs in the United States after Russia invaded Ukraine. But the U.S. is the largest oil producer in the world and imports very little petroleum from Russia.

Life During Hong Kong’s Worst Covid-19 Outbreak: Full Hospitals, Quiet Streets | WSJ


Hong Kong, which has faced a record surge in Covid-19 cases and the world’s highest death rate, has been under strict restrictions. WSJ reports on how everyday life has changed in the city.

Why The World Relies On ASML For Machines That Print Chips -CNBC


In a Dutch factory, there’s a revolutionary chipmaking machine the whole world has come to rely on.

Are we done with face masks? -Vox


Mandates around the globe are ending, but don’t throw out your masks yet.

How Does Covid-19 Become Endemic? -CNBC


It's been two years since Covid-19 crept across the globe, battered the U.S. economy and wreaked havoc on health-care systems unprepared to defend themselves against the novel pathogen.

The Logistics of Deicing Airplanes, Explained by an Expert | WSJ


Deicing an aircraft is a coordinated effort, involving multiple steps and a race against the clock. A United Airlines deicing expert explains the process and why it’s critical to keeping planes moving

Why Companies Spend Millions On Crash Test Dummies -CNBC


Crash test dummies are meant to mimic human bodies in crashes, and show where cars need to be made safer.

Why The U.S. Is Running Out Of Everything -CNBC


The United States is experiencing a shortage in rubber, sand and people. Rubber is a critical raw material needed for car tires, personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves, and more.

How China Plans to Win the Future of Energy -Bloomberg Quicktake


China, the world’s biggest polluter, has committed to reach net zero emissions by 2060, an ambitious goal matched by enormous investments that are reshaping the nation’s energy system.

How The World's Tallest Statue Was Built -Tech Vision


182 metres tall and decorated with 12,000 uniquely-crafted bronze panels, India’s 50-storey Statue Of Unity is a triumph of aesthetics and engineering.

The Federal 'No-Fly' List, for Unruly Passengers Explained | WSJ


A spike of unruly passenger incidents prompted some in the aviation industry to request a federal “no-fly” list. But some lawmakers argue that such a list would be unconstitutional.

U.S. vs. China: The Tech and Design Behind Space-Tourism Rockets | WSJ


China is joining the space-tourism industry pioneered by U.S. companies. WSJ compares the vehicles from Blue Origin and CAS Space.