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Tony D’Onofrio is CEO of TD Insights, a consultancy focused on working with private equity companies, board of directors, public speaking, industry groups, and advanced technologies companies. Tony is a recognized global top 100 retail industry influencer. His futurist views of technologies and retail have been shared in the Americas, Asia, Australia, and Europe. Previous position was CCO of Sensormatic Retail Solutions.

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“Consumers still shop in stores because of immediacy and wanting to touch the product or speak to an expert. Critical to this formula are technologically empowered passionate associates.”

– From Running into the Nike of Innovation Future Retail

“The future of retail includes digital to physical leadership branding and hyper-personalized consumer experiences. Through technology, all consumer facing industries can have a promising, disruptive, and prosperous new year.”

– From A Happy Uncertain Risky, Promising Disruptive, Prosperous 2019

“Retail is not dying. Today's consumers are being presented by an increasing number of shopping options. Online versus in-store engagement trends are converging and technology is increasingly the differentiating element.”

– From Keeping Physical Retail in Stock – The State of Retail RFID


“Building lasting strategic technology partnerships is the critical next generation formula for rewarding customer engagement and a brighter future of retail.”

– From The Critical Next Generation Formula for Rewarding Customer Engagement

“Interesting changes in the top 10 (global retailers) from 2014 to 2019. Walmart remained Number 1. CVS and Amazon arrived into the top 10 from Number 12 and Number 16 respectively. Target and Metro disappeared from the Top 10. Tesco had a substantial drop in the rankings. Most amazing is the rise of Amazon, up twelve notches from 2014 to 2019.”

– From Technology Disruption and the Transformation of the Global Top 250 Retailers

“Digital (technology) will take us back to that unique human covenant between a consumer and a shopkeeper where the retail industry started. No longer a chore, your life will be transformed into a personalized digital shopping platform.”

– From Retailing 2020 – Your Life Transforms into a Digital Shopping Platform

“Understand first your unique value propositions in the retail model spectrum. Find your technological link to personalized communications with the consumer. - Prepare to pivot to new technology platforms beyond mobile to increase your brand's engagement. Step with care and great tact and always remember that shopping is a great balancing act.”

– From The 2018 Definitive Retail Success Formula

“The quintessential formula leadership success formula is very simple. Prepare to succeed through gobs of reticent preparation, have fun knowing that your audience prefers inspiration, and do not ever forget that success is a team sport by saying thank you.”

– From The Quintessential Leadership Success Formula

“It's not where you start that matters; it's where you finish that makes all the difference. Every day be curious, positive, and thankful as they are the foundational attributes for building a life with no regrets.”

– From The Three Be’s for a Life with No Regrets