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Why useless decongestants are still for sale -Vox


Phenylephrine doesn’t work better than a placebo. So why is it still on shelves?

Why New York Will Charge $23/Day To Drive Into Manhattan -CNBC


Drivers headed to downtown Manhattan will face a new toll beginning in spring 2024. The final fee, which is still up for debate, is expected to be between $9 and $23 dollars per day for passenger vehicles.

Inside Volkswagen’s Multibillion-Dollar Pivot to Become More American | WSJ Pivot


Volkswagen has come to rely on China for a third of its auto sales, but its market share in the country has been waning as rival carmaker companies like BYD hit the market.

How Empty Offices Are Ruining American Cities -CNBC


Major American cities such as New York and San Francisco face serious problems — mass migration, empty offices and declining tax revenues. These trends have had a direct impact on cities.

San Francisco’s Plan to Save Its Downtown From the ‘Doom Loop’ | WSJ


San Francisco's downtown suffered an exodus of workers and businesses during the pandemic. These closures followed the disappearance or scaling back of some of the city’s most prominent corporate tenants like Facebook and Salesforce.

Longevity: can ageing be reversed? -The Economist


Ageing has always been inevitable but fasting, epigenetic reprogramming and parabiosis are just some of the scientific techniques that seem to help people stay young. Might the Peter Pan dream become real?

The U.S. Is Investing Billions to Compete With China’s Lithium Supply Chain | WSJ


The U.S. used to be a global leader in lithium processing, but it lost its market control to China in the early 2000s. Since then, China has developed its own lithium supply chain, controlling 55% of the market.

Why Tesla May Be The Big Winner Of The UAW Strikes -CNBC


Elon Musk and Tesla could emerge as winners from the UAW strikes against Detroit automakers Ford, GM, and Stellantis. Thousands of union workers are striking the plants of the Detroit Three - as the three legacy automakers are called.

How American Airlines Makes 15,000 Meals A Day -CNBC


Food service on domestic airlines has drastically changed in recent years. Nearly 3 million passengers fly every day in the U.S. Post pandemic, airlines have seen an increase in passengers buying up to premium seats.

Why Factories Are Coming Back To The U.S. -CNBC


As factories closed and more companies moved their operations offshore, employment in manufacturing has declined over the years. But now the USA is spending big on industrial policies, to bring manufacturing back into the country.

The Truth Behind ‘Unlimited’ Vacation Plans -CNBC


You’ve seen it in more and more job postings: Unlimited. Vacation. Sounds awesome right? Only about 8 percent of employers offer this perk, according to a recent survey from the Society for Human Resource Management.

Why is Argentina’s economy such a mess? - The Economist


Rampant inflation, a booming black market for US dollars and crippling debt - welcome to Argentina, one of the world's most dysfunctional economies. How did it end up like this?

Why The NYC Subway Is Such A Mess -CNBC


Hybrid work has meant fewer riders on New York City's subway and a drop in fare revenue for the system's operator the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

How The U.S. Is Beating Inflation -CNBC


Watch this video to learn more about how inflation expectations are measured, why the Federal Reserve cares so much about what Americans predict and how consumer behavior can manifest higher prices.

Inside the World’s Largest Cargo Shipping Bottleneck Today | WSJ


The Panama Canal is running out of water, threatening to slow down the global supply chains and economies that depend on it. 40% of all U.S. container ship traffic passes through the canal.

Will Electric Roads That Charge EVs Become Mainstream? -CNBC


Electric vehicles are on the rise, capturing a growing market share. A lack of charging infrastructure is a common hurdle but electric road projects, like Detroit's upcoming initiative led by Electreon, offer wireless charging while driving.

Airlines Are Offering Ultra-Cheap Transatlantic Flights, But How Long Can They Last? | WSJ


As revenge-travel booms post-pandemic, a slew of low cost airlines like Norse Atlantic Airways, French Bee and Play have begun advertising cheap transatlantic flights.

Why Outback Steakhouse Is So Successful In Brazil -CNBC


Outback Steakhouse, renowned for its American twist on Australian barbecue, has found unexpected success in Brazil. The South- American nation is responsible for an astonishing 83% of Bloomin’ Brands’ total international sales.

The Inside Story Of Disney And Bob Iger's Succession Chaos -CNBC


CNBC’s Alex Sherman reports on the inside story of a CEO succession plan gone awry at Disney, a cautionary tale about ego and hubris at the highest levels of corporate America.

Why AI May End Labor Protections And Become Your New Employer: Robert Reich -CNBC


Americans may soon be working for artificial intelligence platforms says former secretary of labor, Robert Reich. In this episode of "The Bottom Line," Reich explains how AI will create a system where workers bid for jobs.