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Cadillac’s New EV: GM Bets On An Electric Future | WSJ


General Motors plans to phase out nearly all of its gas and diesel vehicles by 2035. Leading that transition is the first fully electric Cadillac.

Why Tesla Is Making A Robot -VISION


Will Elon Musks’ dancing robot one day liberate mankind from the tiresome drudgery of manual labor? He certainly seems to think so

Coca-Cola's and Microsoft's Latest Gamble: A Giant CO2 Vacuum Cleaner | WSJ


The system could be one answer to slashing Earth's carbon emissions. A Swiss startup has created a giant vacuum cleaner to capture carbon dioxide from the air, helping companies offset their emissions

Hydrogen: fuel of the future? | The Economist


It’s been hailed as fuel of the future. Hydrogen is clean, flexible and energy efficient. But in practice there are huge hurdles to overcome before widespread adoption can be achieved.

The Evolution of Space Rockets -Bloomberg Quicktake


What factors made the greatest impact on the development of modern space rockets? Was it our irrepressible human urge to explore? -from Bloomberg Quicktake

China's Answer to the Aging International Space Station: The Tech Behind Tiangong | WSJ


While the future of the nearly 23-year-old International Space Station remains uncertain after 2024, China says its newly equipped Tiangong station will be up and running by next year. -from WSJ

'Parastronauts' Could Redefine Disability in Zero Gravity -Bloomberg Quicktake


The European Space Agency is studying the future recruitment of disabled astronauts, also known as parastronauts. The move marks a giant leap forward in extending equal access to the final frontier.

Two Scientists Are Building a Real Star Trek 'Impulse Engine' -Bloomberg Quicktake


Space may be the final frontier, but we can't go far on rocket fuel. Now, two scientists are working on a device that may one day make the "impulse engine" from Star Trek real.

How Companies Use GPS To Target You And Your Friends - Cheddar Explains


The fear that our phones and apps are listening to us has taken prominence among privacy security concerns. -from Cheddar

How Wind Turbines Are Assembled -Tech Vision


Engineers building the latest generation of wind turbines routinely overcome head-spinning obstacles. -from Tech Vision

Permanent Artificial Hearts Are Closer Than You Think -Bloomberg Quicktake


For decades, scientists have been trying to build a long-lasting replacement for the human heart. Now, an Australian inventor believes he’s cracked the problem. -from Bloomberg Quicktake

Why Tesla Needed The Giga Press -Tech Vision


One machine looks set to revolutionize the future of auto manufacture, and it really is a pretty big deal. -from Tech Vision

Inside The Biggest Plane In The World -Tech Vision


Built to support the Soviet space program back in the late eighties, one gargantuan aircraft has proved itself an invaluable asset to aid agencies in the Covid-19 era. -from Tech Vision

The World's Largest Floating Solar Farm -Tech Vision


Roughly 150km south of Shanghai a gigantic civil engineering experiment is underway that’s causing international ripples in more ways than one. -from Tech Vision

Why NASA's NEW Spacesuit Cost $200 Million -Tech Vision


Like a threadbare pair of pants your partner has pleaded with you to just chuck out, NASA’s aging Shuttle-era spacesuits are long overdue date with the trash can. -from Tech Vision

SpaceX vs. China: The Quest for Satellite Internet | WSJ


SpaceX has more than 1,000 satellites beaming high-speed internet to Earth, but China promises to offer higher speeds with the launch of what it calls the world’s first 6G satellite.

United Airlines’ Bet on Supersonic Flight Faces Financial, Tech Hurdles | WSJ


United Airlines' announcement that it plans to buy 15 supersonic aircraft from the startup Boom Supersonic is raising questions about the future of ultra-fast plane travel. -from WSJ

How Cyber Attacks Happen In The U.S. -CNBC


U.S. recently faced a series of ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure like the Colonial Pipeline, the city of Tulsa, and JBS, the worlds largest meat producer. -from CNBC

The World In 2050: Future Technology


Have you ever wondered what the world will be like in the future? It's likely our world will be completely different in the next 20 or 30 year than what it is now.

Inside China's Accelerating Bid for Chip Supremacy -Bloomberg Quicktake


Right now the world is dependent on Taiwan for silicon semiconductors called chips, which give devices like iPhones their functionality. -from Bloomberg Quicktake