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Introducing Apple Watch Series 6 — It Already Does That -Apple


Check your blood oxygen level. Track your sleep. Take an ECG, anytime. Introducing Apple Watch Series 6. The future of health is on your wrist. -from Apple

iOS 14: 14 Tips for Apple’s New iPhone Operating System | WSJ


Apple’s iOS 14 is full of new features that can make your iPhone more productive—if you can find them. -from WSJ

2020: Alibaba Autonomous Logistics Robot for Last mile Deliveries -AlibabaTech


Developed by the Alibaba DAMO Academy, a global research initiative by Alibaba Group, the delivery robot can carry 50 packages at one time and cover 62 miles (or 100 kilometers) on a single charge.

Inside The $5 Billion Apple Headquarters -Tech Vision


The massive ring-shaped building is now an iconic symbol of the Apple brand and is a fantastic testament to the company's dedication to effortless design, sustainability, and the future of technology.

Tech Decoupling: China's Race to End Its Reliance on the U.S. | WSJ


WSJ explains how Beijing is pouring money into high-tech chips as it wants to become self-sufficient.

Final iPhone 12 Pro Max Leaks, '12S', AirPods 3, AirTags & iOS 14 Beta 7! -EverythingApplePro


The final iPhone 12 Pro Max details before launch! More part leaks, release date, iOS 14.1 features, iPhone 12s, AirPods 3, Apple Watch 6, AirTags, and more. -from EverythingApplePro

What Coronavirus Means For Automation And The Future Of Jobs -CNBC


A recent McKinsey study found that AI and Deep Learning could add as much as $3.5 trillion to $5.8 trillion in annual value for companies. -from CNBC

The Robot Revolution Is Happening-Like It or Not | WSJ


Nearly every company across every industry is looking for new ways to minimize human contact, cut costs and address the labor crunch in repetitive and dangerous jobs. -from WSJ

Why Self-Driving Cars Are Getting a Boost In China | WSJ


Autonomous-vehicle road testing has skidded to a halt in the U.S. amid the Covid-19 pandemic. But China’s startups have pushed ahead. - from WSJ

The Robots Keeping Heathrow Covid Safe - BBC Click


Exclusive access to London Heathrow Airport as they demonstrate the tech they are using to help keep the airport safe from Covid-19. -from BBC Click

How SpaceX Beat Boeing In The Race To Launch NASA Astronauts


The launch of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule to the International Space Station on May 30th marked the first time that NASA astronauts took off from U.S. soil since 2011. -from CNBC

Four Ways to Stop Chrome From Slowing Down Your Computer | WSJ


Is your web browsing slow and battery draining? -from WSJ

The Fight Over Police Use Of Facial Recognition Technology -CNBC


IBM, Amazon and Microsoft have all stated that they'll either stop developing this tech, or stop selling it to law enforcement until regulations are in place. -from CNBC

Building The World's Thinnest Skyscraper -The B1M


Rising 435 metres (1427 feet) from a small site on Manhattan's Billionaire's Row, 111W57 is the thinnest skyscraper ever constructed. -from the B1M

iOS 14, iPadOS, MacOS Big Sur, WatchOS 7: Apple’s WWDC Recap | WSJ


All the new iPhone, iPad, iOS, Apple Watch and Mac features announced at the just completed Apple WWDC conference. -from WSJ

Apple WWDC 2020 keynote in 18 minutes -The Verge


WWDC 2020, Apple's online developer conference, was full of huge announcements. If you weren't watching live to see what's coming next for macOS, iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and more. -from The Verge

The Rise Of TikTok -CNBC


TikTok is the most downloaded app of 2020, as quarantines have spurred more and more users to hop onboard and learn about the latest dance trends and memes. -from CNBC

Apple's Next Big Product: The Apple Glasses -Tech Vision


Rumors surrounding Apple's AR glasses have been circulating throughout the tech world for years. -from Tech Vision

How We Are Going to the Moon - 4K


We are returning to the Moon – to stay – and this is how we are going! -from NASA

How drones and air taxis could transform our skies | FT


From drone deliveries to helicopter taxis, the low-fly economy is on the brink of changing our skies forever. But how will we prevent chaos above our heads? -from Financial Times