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Where Hollywood Shoots All Its Plane Scenes | Movies Insider


As the biggest aviation-themed studio in the world, Air Hollywood has three full aircraft interiors and an airport terminal set that’s reconfigurable into any part of the air travel experience.

How Tesla Builds Cars So Fast -Tech Vision


Tesla is currently capable of turning out about 5,000 electric vehicles each week when at maximum capacity, which is a huge leap forward from this time last year. -from Tech Vision

Why TikTok Has Become a Launchpad for Entrepreneurs | WSJ


TikTok is becoming a popular forum for Gen-Z and Millennials to learn about entrepreneurship and making money. - From the Wall Street Journal

Apple Glasses: They're Coming -Newsthink


Find out why Apple’s smart glasses will be a smashing success. -from Newsthink

Apple's Next Big Product: The Apple Car - Tech Vision


For several years, now Apple engineers have secretly been eyeing up transportation as the next industry ripe for their unique brand of scorched-earth disruption.When will we see the Apple Car?

Germany’s Oldest Street-Legal Car | 1894 Benz Victoria | German Cars


Interesting viral video of not your average Mercedes Benz. This 125- year-old horseless carriage was licensed for public roads. -from DW Euromaxx

How to Land the Space Shuttle... from Space


Viral interesting video. NOT AN ASTRONAUT; NO AFFILIATION WITH NASA. I was dressed up for Halloween. -from Bret Copeland

How coronavirus has turbo charged Big Tech | Lex Megatrends


What happens when a pandemic collides with technological change? Covid-19 has shaken business to its core. The FT's Lex maps how the landscape is changing. -from Financial Times

The technology that’s replacing the green screen -Vox


Cool LED panels that used video game engine technology to place a realistic-looking world behind the actors. -from Vox

Inside Nikola, The One-Time Wall Street Darling Mired In Controversy -CNBC


The last few months have been a roller coaster ride for battery and hydrogen-powered semi truck maker, Nikola. -from CNBC

How robots made this food commercial look effortless -Vox


Creating the perfect food commercial isn’t just a matter of great styling and a mouth-watering dish. Sometimes, you need a robot. -from Vox

The $25,000 Tesla Will Be A Game Changer -Tech Vision


Earlier this year he teased his plans to announce a new, $25,000 model, which would significantly undercut many established rivals in the market. -from Tech Vision

Inside Lucid Motors' Plan To Take On Tesla -CNBC


Lucid Motors is the latest EV startup to enter the market. In September, it unveiled its Air luxury sedan to the world, and teased its SUV concept. -from CNBC

The Future of Your Office Is in a VR Headset | WSJ


With a virtual-reality headset and a virtual meeting platform like Spatial, you can meet up and collaborate with your colleagues as if you were in a real office space. -from WSJ

Why SpaceX, Virgin, & Blue Origin Are Betting On Space Tourism -CNBC


Space tourism has been, almost, nonexistent in the past, but Virgin Galactic, SpaceX and Blue Origin are looking to change that. -from CNBC

The best tech demo fails -CNET


A trip through time, looking at some of the funniest and cringiest tech demos of all time. -from CNET

What is ByteDance? | CNBC Explains


The company is behind social media apps like international sensation TikTok, Douyin, and AI-powered news aggregator Toutiao. -from CNBC

Nike Paris, House of Innovation 002 -Viacomit


"When consumers step into Nike Paris, they will experience our largest, most digitally connected and immersive retail concept in the world." - Heidi O'Neill, Nike President of Consumer and Marketplace

Inside The Virtual World - BBC Click


Click takes a look at how virtual reality is being used to help the emergency services find an alternative during the coronavirus pandemic for traditional face-to-face training. -from BBC Click