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Atomic Clocks Are Reinventing Time -Bloomberg Quicktake


Ultra-precise atomic clocks are now able to measure these tiny changes, known as time dilation. It's a technological advance that could revolutionize our understanding of time.

How covid-19 is boosting innovation | The Economist


As businesses and organisations look towards the post-pandemic era, what lessons can be learned about innovation?

Norway's Wireless Charging Roads -Tech Vision


Norway has come up with a clever, broad-view solution for its fleet of taxis, called ‘ElectriCity’. In the future, it might take in far more vehicles, too. -from Tech Vision

Apple Car: Here's What We Know So Far - CNBC


The global auto and mobility market is worth about $10 trillion compared with the $715 billion smartphone market. -from CNBC

Why So Many American Homes Are Flimsy - Cheddar Explains


Have you ever wondered why houses in the U.S. seem so much less sturdy than houses elsewhere?

Virgin Hyperloop Passenger Experience


System can propel passenger or cargo pods at speeds of over 1000 km/h (623 miles per hour). That is 3x faster than high-speed rail and more than 10x faster than traditional rail.

Inside The Redesigned 2021 Tesla Model S -Tech Vision


Almost a decade on, the second generation has arrived, and it’s outrageously ‘Tesla.’ -from Tech Vision

Nike Go FlyEase | Behind the Design | Nike


If you could make a hands-free shoe, how would you do it? This simple question is where the Nike Go FlyEase design team started.

Inside The $3.2 Billion Air Force One -Tech Vision


Air Force One is tricked out with all the latest defensive gizmos, is a flying embassy, projecting American confidence and authority around the world. -from Tech Vision

Say Goodbye to Language Barriers With These Translating Earbuds | Future Blink


The WT2 Edge, supposedly the world's first bi-directional translation earbuds, can translate 40 languages and 93 accents in real-time. -from Mashable

CES 2021: Smart Masks, Smart Air Purifiers and More Covid-Fighting Gadgets | WSJ


At this year's virtual tech megashow, gadgets to protect you from Covid-19 are all the rage. But do you need a connected mask and a personal air purifier?

How NIO Plans To Beat Tesla In China -Tech Vision


Previously on the brink of bankruptcy, Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Nio is now on track to be one of the biggest EV companies in China, trumping all but Tesla… for now. -from Tech Vision

The Rise of the Flying Car is Finally Happening -Bloomberg Quicktake


Now, thanks to a new crop of eager, well-funded startups, those visions may finally become a reality, and soon appear over a city near you. -from Bloomberg Quicktake

All the best devices we saw at CES 2021 -CNET


CES 2021 might be a virtual show this year, but that doesn’t mean the tech is any less exciting. From flying cars to transparent TVs, here’s the best stuff you need to know from the show. -from CNET

Why Microsoft Has Underwater Data Centers -Tech Vision


Eight million data centres around the world are processing our entire online lives thousands of times a second, but Microsoft may have just rewritten this growing industry. -from Tech Vision

Top 21 Projects Completing in 2021 -The B1M


Despite the challenges of 2020, the world looks set to bounce back with some incredible construction projects. These are the 21 schemes to keep your eyes on in 2021. -from The B1M

GoPro: Best of 2020 - Year in Review in 4K -GoPro


This year had its challenges—but you can't stop this train. A global #GoProFamily met adversity with creativity, resilience, + unity.

Time Lapse of Future Technology: 2022 - 4000+ -Venture City


The journey to see future technology starts in 2022, when Elon Musk and SpaceX send the first Starship to Mars - beginning the preparations for the arrival of the first human explorers.

Why Cheap Cars Are Disappearing -CNBC


There are about 40 different car brands in the United States, but one kind of car that appears to be disappearing is the cheap car. -from CNBC

How To Build in 2030 -The B1M


Automation is widespread, sustainability is critical, carbon emissions are heavily restricted and our buildings are made in factories. Welcome to the construction industry of 2030. -from The B1M