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Why Amazon Is Gobbling Up Failed Malls | WSJ


Who will fill that underutilized space? A series of recent acquisitions by associates of Amazon in Northeastern Ohio provides some clues.

What do robots mean for the future of the retail industry? - KSAT 12 News


Robots to roam aisles of San Antonio Texas Walmart stores.

Why Sears Should Have Been Amazon - Fortune Magazine


Sears had everything needed to be an e-commerce leader, but poor decision making and lack of foresight left the retail giant trailing its competitors.

This Is the Amazon Prime Air Hybrid Drone - Bloomberg


The new Amazon Prime Air drone can take off and land vertically like a helicopter, then fly like a plane. Watch for it in the skies making deliveries as part of a test program.

Virtual Reality Shopping the Future for Retailers


VR headsets allow people to interact with products same way as in a store, but also soon will allow them to interact with other people inside experience making it very social. - From VR South Africa

Walmart turns store into "A.I. Factory" - Associated Press


Inside one of Walmart’s New York stores, thousands of cameras track when products are running low or when produce start to lose its freshness. Company is using artificial intelligence to manage stores

Young Chinese consumers are reshaping global luxury


Luxury represents a powerful form of social capital for this segment of consumers, according to new research in McKinsey’s China luxury report 2019

Fujitsu Artificial Intelligence in Retail - Less shrinkage, greater revenue and improved customer experience


Fujitsu Artifical Intelligence (AI) learns from data to automate processes, improve service and raise productivity. AI eables complex processes to be automated independent of human intervention.

Smart IoT Stores - STUDIO387 IoT Solutions


Good summary video on IoT applications in retail from Studio387. What do you think?

New pre-crime AI detects shoplifters before they commit the crime


It’s watching & knows a crime is about to take place before it happens. Vaak, a Japanese start up, has developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) pre-crime software. - From Fanatical Futurist

The Future of Retail | The in store experience


In the year 2030, shoppers will need a reason to leave the couch and go in-store. - From Synchrony

Amazon Intelligence: Year in Review 2018


As Amazon’s e-commerce growth begins to decrease, where will the retail behemoth shift its efforts? From Prime revenues to Alexa reprioritizations & more, Gartner L2 predicts what's next.

Disruptive Tech is Transforming Retail | J.P. Morgan


Disruptive can mean better, but it can also introduce social challenges. Innovation is transforming the retail sector.

Gartner L2 Intelligence Report: Omnichannel 2019


Search behavior suggests that in-store shopping experiences begin online, & retailers are investing in omnichannel. But are retailers leveraging store footprint differentiation against Amazon?

CBRE Future of Retail 2030


The retail industry is rewriting the laws of physics. Change is coming at an ever faster rate each year and 2030 will be upon us before we know it.

Retailers May Send Robots to Your Door


The retail robots are coming - Bloomberg Television

6 Stats That Show the State of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Retail


Global annual spending on AI by retailers estimated to reach $7.3 billion by 2022 - Welcome.AI

Ten trends for the fashion industry to watch in 2019


McKinsey research establishes a common understanding of the forces at work in fashion and identifies where the top priorities, both business and creative, are for 2019.

Futuristic Shopping at EuroCIS 2019


No shopping without a smartphone? A view of shopping in the future from the just completed EuroCIS trade event in Germany this past week. Digital technology rules. 

Beyond the buzz: State of retail 2019


Scott Galloway, Professor at the NYU & Founder of L2, at NRF 2019 on the key to companies increasing revenue 20-30% over the next five year & doubling their stock price is the business model.