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The Speed of Zara Fast Fashion


Zara changes clothing designs every 2 weeks on average versus 2 to 3 months for others. It carries about 11,000 distinct items per year.

Why Supermarket Lines Are Intentionally Getting Longer - Cheddar Explains


Lately, supermarkets are switching to a new type of line and that line is much longer. However according to queueing experts that might not be a bad thing.

Behind Costco's Treasure-Hunt Shopping Strategy | WSJ


Costco is one of the biggest and most successful retailers in the country. In this video, WSJ dissects the wholesaler’s unique approach to doing business.

Why U.S. Malls Are Disappearing -CNBC


About a quarter of U.S. malls could close over the next three to five years, accelerating a trend that began before the pandemic. -from CNBC

AiFi Hybrid Solution: Computer Vision Powered Autonomous Store


Take a virtual tour of this 4000-sqft hybrid store, where shoppers can choose to shop autonomously (by checking in using an AiFi app) or continue to shop as usual with a cashier at checkout.

Inside Dubai's $20 Billion Dollar Mall -TheRichest


The Dubai mall is the second largest mall in the entire world. But when shopping gets old, check out the amusement park, go go-karting or skating on the Olympic-sized Dubai ice-rink, and more.

The Rise Of 7-Eleven -CNBC


With consumer behavior changing due to Covid-19, the convenience store industry could be on the verge of a profound change. -from CNBC

Can Restoration Hardware Become A Global Luxury Brand? - CNBC


RH is now ambitiously trying to turn it into a global luxury brand providing an array of services. -from CNBC

Retail Trends 2021: we look back on the innovation taking place in a year like no other


Amidst all the pressures that 2020 brought, there was creativity and innovation taking place across the retail industry, which we thought deserved to be celebrated.

Why Work From Home Is Good For Williams-Sonoma -CNBC


In the midst of the pandemic, Williams-Sonoma has stood out as a company, its stock price reaching a new all-time high in January 2021, despite many businesses declining. -from CNBC

Luxury Brands Response to the Chinese New Year


Here’s a glimpse at what the world of luxury has been doing online to usher in the Chinese New Year of the Ox. - From Alibaba Group

Why Credit Card Fraud Hasn't Stopped In The U.S.


In 2019, payment card fraud losses reached nearly $28 billion worldwide. The United States alone is responsible for more than a third of the total global loss making America the most card fraud-prone.

Why Walmart Wants To Be Your Hospital Too -CNBC


Walmart, America’s largest grocer, launched a primary care clinic called Walmart Health, in September 2019. -from CNBC

The Perfect Year for China's $129 Billion Livestreaming E-Commerce


The West needs livestreaming sooner rather than later, especially for struggling sectors such as apparel.

The 5 Biggest Retail Trends In 2021 -Business News


Here are the predictions on how the world of retail will continue to change over the course of 2021 as the pandemic and other factors continue to influence our habits. -from Business News

Why Brands Need Livestreamers To Keep up With Chinese Consumers - Alibaba Group


Livestreaming has gone mainstream in Alibaba’s digital ecosystem. Livestreamers are now online 24/7 and come from all walks of life, from farmers and personal shoppers to celebrities.

How Amazon Drone Delivery Will Work -Tech Vision


Behind closed doors Amazon had been working on an ambitious plan to release almost instant delivery. The goal? Just 30 minutes, from the click of the ‘order now.’ -from Tech Vision

How A Vest Turned Patagonia Into A Billion-Dollar Brand -CNBC Make It


The company says at its height, it was fielding 60 requests for co branded vests, a day. The combination of hefty price tags and a professional-class of super fans earned it the nickname "Patagucci".

Inside Amazon's Smart Warehouse -Tech Vision


The astonishing feat of ferrying hundreds of millions of items. And the modern-day voodoo of deep-learning AI – all of which are made flesh in the most advanced stockrooms the world has ever seen.

How 3 Million Grocery Items Are Delivered To Homes Every Week | Business Insider


Using an advanced AI system, temperature controls, nine miles of conveyor belt, and a fleet of delivery trucks, the company is able to cut out three steps in the normal grocery store supply chain.