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Why Credit Card Fraud Hasn't Stopped In The U.S.


In 2019, payment card fraud losses reached nearly $28 billion worldwide. The United States alone is responsible for more than a third of the total global loss making America the most card fraud-prone.

Why Walmart Wants To Be Your Hospital Too -CNBC


Walmart, America’s largest grocer, launched a primary care clinic called Walmart Health, in September 2019. -from CNBC

The Perfect Year for China's $129 Billion Livestreaming E-Commerce


The West needs livestreaming sooner rather than later, especially for struggling sectors such as apparel.

The 5 Biggest Retail Trends In 2021 -Business News


Here are the predictions on how the world of retail will continue to change over the course of 2021 as the pandemic and other factors continue to influence our habits. -from Business News

Why Brands Need Livestreamers To Keep up With Chinese Consumers - Alibaba Group


Livestreaming has gone mainstream in Alibaba’s digital ecosystem. Livestreamers are now online 24/7 and come from all walks of life, from farmers and personal shoppers to celebrities.

How Amazon Drone Delivery Will Work -Tech Vision


Behind closed doors Amazon had been working on an ambitious plan to release almost instant delivery. The goal? Just 30 minutes, from the click of the ‘order now.’ -from Tech Vision

How A Vest Turned Patagonia Into A Billion-Dollar Brand -CNBC Make It


The company says at its height, it was fielding 60 requests for co branded vests, a day. The combination of hefty price tags and a professional-class of super fans earned it the nickname "Patagucci".

Inside Amazon's Smart Warehouse -Tech Vision


The astonishing feat of ferrying hundreds of millions of items. And the modern-day voodoo of deep-learning AI – all of which are made flesh in the most advanced stockrooms the world has ever seen.

How 3 Million Grocery Items Are Delivered To Homes Every Week | Business Insider


Using an advanced AI system, temperature controls, nine miles of conveyor belt, and a fleet of delivery trucks, the company is able to cut out three steps in the normal grocery store supply chain.

Macy’s Star Shone Bright for Over 150 Years. Now It’s Flickering | WSJ


Macy’s has long been identified with the start of the holiday shopping season. But the company was hurting even before the coronavirus crisis hit the retail industry. -from WSJ

2020 China's Double 11 Alibaba $74.1 Billion Summary


The biggest shopping festival in the world, this year running 11 days ending November 11. $74.1 billion in gross revenue for Alibaba. -from TDInsights Live

Alibaba's Double 11 Shopping Holiday Preparations


Double 11 or what used to be called Singles Day was an 11 day festival this year reaching sales of $75.1 billion. Here are the 9 winners of Alibaba’s Go Global 11.11 Pitch Fest. -from TDInsights Live

How a Walmart-TikTok Deal Could Transform Online Shopping in U.S. | WSJ


Walmart's potential deal with TikTok may not only change the retail giant, it could reshape how Americans shop online. -from WSJ

S. Korea's first unmanned 'smart supermarket' opens in Seoul -ARIRANG NEWS


There will be five such stores as part of a trial run, and by next year the government plans to authorize around 800, and then about 4-thousand by 2025. -from ARIRANG NEWS

Amazon's Newest & Biggest Grocery Store: Amazon Fresh Irvine -Yellow Productions


The coolest thing about these stores is the Amazon Dash Cart, which enables customers to skip the checkout line. -from Yellow Productions

Reinventing Retail with AI | I AM AI -NVIDIA


Leading retailers are leveraging AI to reduce shrinkage, improve forecasting, automate warehouse logistics, and more. -from NVIDIA

Why Movie Theaters Are In Panic Mode Seven Months Into Coronavirus? -CNBC


With the movie business competing with popular streaming services like Netflix, Disney+ and Apple+, is this the end of the movie theater business as we know it? -from CNBC

The Rise And Fall Of GameStop -CNBC


Even before the coronavirus pandemic started gamers had already begun to shift from buying packaged software at brick and mortar stores to downloading games directly to their consoles. -from CNBC

Chinese live stream shopping booms in lockdown -CGTN Europe


It’s becoming more and more popular in China, with online streams raking in millions of viewers and buyers. But could it ever take off in other parts of the world? -CGTN Europe

How Costco Became A Massive "Members Only" Retailer -CNBC


Costco makes billions doing what in retail might once have been thought unthinkable: charge people to shop there. -from CNBC