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The Mobile Grocery Store Of The Future


Meet Wheelys Moby-Store - The Grocery Store Of The Future Is Mobile, Self-Driving, And Run By AI

Microsoft’s vision for digital Retail


Updated Microsoft view on the future shopping experience - from the digital experiences that make shopping fun and rewarding, to the productivity and collaboration with retail employees.

Meet Pepper, The Robot Ambassador for Retail


Pepper the humanoid robot continues to bring her charm and customer engagement talents to retailers around the country.

Levi's® Commuter™ x Jacquard by Google Trucker Jacket


Levi's and Google collaborate to create the newest in wearable technology. Coming in Spring 2017, the first ever smart garment jacket.

Top 7 Retail Trends for 2017


From Li & Fung - Retailers to create speed and agility in their supply chains, to collaborate more, use more technology and adopt new delivery models.

Discovering Love at The Supermarket


A charming Intermarche reminder on why we have a good reason to eat healthier every day

Lowe’s DIY VR Clinic


Lowe's Innovation Labs is launching its first-ever virtual reality (VR) DIY clinics. Time to remodel the bathroom?

Amazon Go For China? WeChat Store Of The Future


Is this China’s version of Amazon Go? Completely staff-less stores empowered totally through WeChat.

What It Takes to Win Consumers in 2017


A new study from agency Wunderman introduces "wantedness", the degree to which a brand proves their commitment to earning a customer's business. It's the future of retail.

The 10 hot consumer trends for 2017


From Ericsson ConsumerLab, the hot 10 consumer 2017 trends from 14 global cities. Technology immersion ahead.

French Retailer Monoprix Responds to Amazon Go


Monoprix responds with human intelligence as the answer to Amazon Go. Available last 10 years.

Amazon Go - World’s most advanced shopping technology


Amazon Go is a new kind of store featuring the world's most advanced shopping technology. No lines, no checkout - just grab and go!

Unruly's Most Shared Ad of 2016.


The Number 1 spot in Unruly's top 20 shared ads of 2016 goes to a Christmas wish come true for a boxer dog at John Lewis.

Alibaba and Macy's virtual-reality shopping experience


This year Macy's participated for the first time with Alibaba and Taobao in China's Singles Day, the world's biggest online shopping day ($17.8 Billion for Alibaba over 24 hours).

Under Armour: Connected Life


Under Armour HealthBox is the world's first Connected Fitness system to help you exercise smarter, feel better and live longer.

PwC's 2016 Holiday Outlook


Consumers are dreaming big this holiday season. They are ramping up digital sales and continuing to increase their use of mobile devices in the quest for the perfect gift.

IKEA - Let's Relax


Let's relax. It's time to check those expectations at the kitchen door and rediscover the simple joy of cooking, eating, and being together. Ikea style.

SuperSmart Self-Checkout - Retail Made Right


The retail revolution is already here. Supersmart developed a unique statistical engine for products, consumers and shopping baskets, which tracks parameters over time.

Humanoid Robot works in Retail


Pepper the humanoid robot helps out a customer in a DIY store. More robots coming to retail.

Connect Shoppers in a Whole New Way


Cisco's view of the future of retail and personalized shopping experiences.