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Ready for the Retail Robots?


From an Amazon robot distribution center to a Walmart robot floor scrubber, multiple examples on the robotic invasion coming to retail. Yes, Pepper makes another visit - BBC Click

Retailers are embracing voice-based technology


Smart voice assistants are slowly but surely making their way into our homes and lives, and we expect a similar trend in the retail world.

The Europe Retail Digital Experience in 2019


From IDC EMEA, an analysis of European retail trends.

Fujitsu's Store of the Future


The Fujitsu's Store of the Future, with the Self-Checkout Gate making at appearance at NRF 2019. delivering the future of shopping


The future of retail is “Boundaryless Retail” – the idea of enabling consumers to buy whatever they want, whenever and wherever they want it, online, offline, or even virtually. A future view.

TrendWatching | Exploring Magic Point Of Sale


Consumers expect to summon retail experiences as they would a genie from a lamp, call forth from a phone, personal assistant, smart speaker or even physical environment.

Nike House Of Innovation preview


Nike's new NYC flagship store is fueled by its mobile app. The “House of Innovation” is the blueprint for its future retail locations.

Marks & Spencer, Microsoft and a vision for the future of retail


Every surface, screen and scanner in their stores will create data – and enable employees to act up on it.

How Sears went from innovation to bankruptcy


Over its 130-year history, Sears has sold watches, clothes, farm machinery, appliances and even houses.

The Retail Renaissance


A year ago, people were talking about the death of retail. But the reality? “We’re having a retail renaissance,” says Goldman Sachs.

Look Who is Scrubbing the Floors at Walmart


Much like a self-driving car, the Auto-C Autonomous Cleaner uses assisted autonomy technology to clean and polish floors, freeing up associates to take care of other tasks.

Oh no! Seems like someone forgot to pay


From Klarna, by connecting digital billboards to stores alarm systems, shoplifters got unexpected real life push notifications. A different tech look on visual potential theft deterrence. 

Engaging Today's Grocery Shopper


When it comes to grocery shopping, convenience and choice is key. Online purchasing in on the rise. Learn more about grocery shopper trends from FMI's U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends report.

Unmanned AI Retail Store at Lenovo China Tech World 2018


An unmanned AI retail store provides visitors with a convenient shopping experience, while also helping the store owner operate their business more efficiently. in 1999 - 60 Minutes Segment


1999 Bob Simons 60 Minutes interview with Jeff Bezos, a self-described nerd, who founded, the worlds largest Internet bookstore.

Alibaba IPO: Jack Ma's Original Sales Pitch in 1999


In this clip from 1999, Jack Ma delivers a speech to 17 friends in his apartment to introduce Alibaba and lay out his plan to compete with U.S. internet titans.

Innovations in last-mile delivery are helping retailers


The way merchants deliver goods to customers hasn't really changed much over the last couple of decades. A video summarizing changes coming your way home.

How AI is shaping the Future of Retail


40% of digital transformation initiatives will be supported by Artificial Intelligence / Cognitive capabilities by 2019. AI will boost profitability in retail and wholesale by nearly 60% by 2035.

IKEA: Feel alive again


Ikea's dark but realistic look at the difference between work and family life. Are you burned out by living just to work?

quiXmart's Autonomous Store


quiXmart's mission is to present and launch one of the worlds very first autonomous smart store, technologically modernising the whole retail sector.