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How 'Dark Stores' Are Speeding Up Grocery Deliveries | WSJ


Speedy grocery delivery is booming, but competition and high running costs could hinder growth. Startups are promising to deliver groceries to your doorstep in minutes, stepping up competition.

Why Food Is Getting More Expensive In The U.S. -CNBC


The pandemic sent food prices skyrocketing amid a slew of supply chain disruptions, but food costs have been steadily rising over the past five years.

What is Alibaba’s ‘Store X’? -TDInsights Live


Store X is the latest big-box format at Alibaba's grocery retailer Freshippo and is part of the group's strategy to combine the best practices from both online and offline shopping.

Behind Dollar General's Strategy to Dominate Rural America | The Economics Of | WSJ


Dollar General has reported 31 consecutive years of growth and is opening new U.S. stores every day. In this video, WSJ takes an inside look at how the discount retailer keeps expanding,

Why The Toy Boom Has Been Good For Monopoly Maker Hasbro -CNBC


While many industries were ravaged by the pandemic in 2020, the toy industry enjoyed a 16% increase or $3.5 billion in sales from 2019. -from CNBC

A revolution in retail recycling? | Rethink Sustainability


The FT explores the latest moves by big brands like Ikea and Decathlon to resell and recycle damaged and rejected stock that would otherwise be broken down or discarded.

Alibaba's $61+ Billion Live Streaming Retail Shopping Channel


Watch how the platform has evolved livestreaming technology into the number one way of engaging consumers in China.

How Computer Vision can improve retail operations and customer experience: Trax-Coresight Research


This report in collaboration with Coresight Research explores the challenges retailers experience with in-store execution, and shows how technology can enable smoother store operations. -from Trax

Amazon's New $5 Billion Headquarters -Tech Vision


When Amazon unveiled plans to build their new, second headquarters in 2017, the company received no less than 230 proposals - requests, really - from cities and states across the USA.

The Rise and Fall of American Malls -Bloomberg Quicktake


Part social gathering spaces, part retail meccas, malls were once the centerpiece of the suburban American experience. Now, faced with challenges from all sides, most are barely hanging on.

Shopping at Sears in the 1950s - Life in America


By the early 20th century, Sears was already a household name across the United States. Sears was innovative in founding some of our most familiar brands. -from Recollection Road

Retail Speaks: Seven imperatives for the industry


RILA / McKinsey Knowledge Partners analysis which identified seven imperatives that can give retailers the ability to adapt to a changing consumer landscape while pursuing new opportunities.

How Chewy Harnessed the Pandemic Pet Boom | WSJ


Online pet retailer Chewy has seen a surge of growth over the past year as millions adopted new pets. WSJ spoke with Chewy’s CEO to learn how the company handled the pandemic pet boom.

How The Barcode Made Our Modern Economy - The Lightbulb Moment


Barcodes have radically changed the world, helping fuel the rise of everything from massive companies like Walmart to major world powers like China. -from Cheddar

Are DoorDash, UberEats Good For Restaurants? -CNBC


DoorDash and Uber Eats, the two largest delivery apps by market share both saw their sales double from the end of 2019 to the end of 2020.

Burberry's first social-media store, in Shenzhen, China


Burberry teams with Tencent to launch luxury’s first social retail store. -from Inside Retail Asia

What Is Freshippo? -Alibaba Group


Learn about how Alibaba’s high-tech grocery chain is pushing the boundaries of the grocery shopping experience.

The future of shopping: what's in store? | The Economist


The pandemic has upended the way people buy—online retail has soared as high-street shops and malls close. Brands are now racing to exploit one of the most important weapons: their customers’ data.

Why Tipping Is An American Custom -CNBC


About 70% of tipped workers in the restaurant industry are women and about 45% are people of color. -from CNBC

Amazon… It Was Never About Books


On this episode of the Prof G Show, Scott Galloway discusses the legacy of entrepreneur Jeff Bezos.