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The Biggest Global Risks of 2023

One telling observation from the data above is that none of the risks left a majority of experts feeling confident in our ability to prevent the risk from occurring, or prepared to mitigate its impact. As the 2020s are shaping up to be a turbulent decade, that could be a cause for concern. - From Visual Capitalist



The U.S. Stock Market: Best and Worst Performing Sectors in 2022

The markets in 2022 were characterized by a lot more pain than gain. In absolute terms, Apple is the biggest loser on the year, shedding $846 billion from its market cap. Meta, which is in the midst of building out its vision for a “metaverse”, also saw one of the biggest declines, shedding $464 billion in market cap. - From Visual Capitalist



Data Dive: 2022 in Review

By the end of 2022, COVID-19 dropped from the No. 1 concern (35%) in January to the No. 10 spot with a mere 11% saying it was a top worry in their country in December. The cost of living passed the pandemic as the No. 1 concern. - From IPSOS



The Most Innovative Countries in the World in 2022

In 1960, the U.S. made up nearly 70% of global R&D spending, and by 2020 this had fallen to 30%. Switzerland ranks at the top⁠ for the 12th year in a row—above the U.S., South Korea, and Israel.  Globally, four of the five top R&D spending companies are in America: Amazon ($42.7 billion), Alphabet ($27.6 billion), Microsoft ($19.3 billion), and Apple ($18.8 billion). - From Visual Capitalist



The Best Countries to Retire In 2022

The global population is getting older. By 2050, the OECD predicts that 30% of people worldwide will be aged 65 or over.  North America only has two countries included in the ranking: Canada (#15) and the U.S. (#18), which both rank relatively high. - From Visual  Capitalist



89% of Shoppers Will Pay for Home Delivery

Shoppers are back in stores (76%) and their expectations are creating the “next normal.” But it won’t be the same as the old one. Today’s connected consumers have adapted to having purchases available for pickup and delivery, using self-checkout, and mobile payments. Tech-savvy retailers and associates can impress customers with expertise and efficiency. – From Retail Touch Points



Gen Z’s Favorite Brands, Compared with Older Generations

Overall, the report found that it’s hard for brands to win with Gen Z. Across all brands that were scored, 33% of the general American public rated them as favorable, but for Gen Z respondents the number dropped to 27%. - From Visual Capitalist



Online Holiday Sales to Grow 6.1% in 2022

Inflation will magnify consumer price-consciousness and leave many online shoppers less willing to spend as much on holiday gifts as in the past. Shoppers expect deeper discounts and will rely more on comparison shopping and price matching. - From Digital Commerce 360



The World's Population at 8 Billion

In just 48 years, the world population has doubled in size, jumping from four to eight billion. Of course, humans are not equally spread throughout the planet, and countries take all shapes and sizes. When will the world's population reach 9 billion? - From Visual Capitalist



A Statistical Analysis on Why eCommerce Businesses Fail

The ratio of failed eCommerce businesses to the successful ones is at declining levels, as 8 out of 10 online stores get abandoned within 24 months of their early growing stages.  23% shoppers are most happy to pay nothing more than the price of the product they are buying, i.e. free shipping. - From Business2Community



Retail Survival Through Personalized Experiences

52% of consumers are more likely to be loyal to a retailer if they receive a personalized experience. 84% of consumers believe that in order for physical stores to survive, they need to make it all about customer experience. 62% of shoppers are more loyal to brands which send promotions while in-store. - From Infographic Journal



How do Americans Spend the Money by Generation?

In 2021, the average American spent just over $60,000 a year. But where does all their money go?  One category that varies the most between generations and relative needs is spending on healthcare. - From Visual Capitalist



2022 Holiday Shopping Outlook - Bain & Company

Bain forecasts 7.5% nominal growth in US holiday retail sales. When factoring inflation, real growth is 1% to 3%. Six tips can help retailers capture their fair share this season and beyond. - Bain & Company

READ MORE 2022 Holiday Forecasts

The digital surge over the last two years isn’t going anywhere. We predict online sales in November and December will reach $1.12 trillion worldwide and $265 billion in the U.S. While these are big numbers, they’re not an increase over 2021.  - From



Mastercard SpendingPulse: U.S. retail sales expected to grow 7.1%* this holiday season

This holiday season, U.S. retail sales excluding automotive are expected to increase 7.1% year over year, according to the Mastercard SpendingPulse™ annual holiday forecast. Mastercard SpendingPulse measures in-store and online retail sales across all forms of payment. It is not adjusted for inflation.